The effect of Fatima grass (labisia pumila)

The effect of Fatima grass (labisia pumila)

Labor is a process of learning to be patient for prospective parents. Why? Because in the delivery process, a prospective mother tends to be patient when facing certain situations. She feels a contraction, waiting for the occurrences the opening process. Opening process can flow very slowly. Finally, this “suffering feeling” was coming to an end. What a mother need is to relax and trust her body and fetus so that they can do their job well.

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Many things were done to immediately end this process. But unfortunately, people do with “short cuts”, one of which is drinking Fatima Grass. Fatima grass is a plant from the family of Primulaceae and clan of leisia. The Fatimah grass has the scientific name Labisia pumila. Fatima Grass (Labisa pumila) is a shrub plant originating from the Arabian Peninsula. This plant is quite popular. Ordinary worshipers buy Fatima grass as souvenirs from the Holy Land. This plant is dry even though it has been stored for decades, but if it is soaked in water it will bloom again.

The use of herbal medicines to be safely consumed in bulk, the product must be scientifically proven about its safety through a series of clinical trials in a controlled laboratory. Herbal medicines must also be tested for dosage, how to use, effectiveness, risk of side effects, and their interactions with other drug compounds.

Unfortunately, most herbal medicines circulating in Indonesia fall into the category of herbs and Standard Herbal Medicine. Both are types of traditional medicine that have not undergone clinical trials in humans.

Fatima grass is one of the original Indonesian herbs, especially for pregnant women. Fatimah grass herbs are usually formulated using spices, spices combination combinations, and generations of recipe variations. However, this medication does not have a dose and a definite indication.

Fatima grass or Labisa Pumila contains oxytocin, a substance used by the body to stimulate uterine contractions, so it is believed to accelerate labor. An oxytocin-like substance contained in the Fatima grass is the same as a drug given to induce pregnant women to contract. Usually, this Fatima grass is soaked in water until it expands, then the immersion water is drunk. It’s so rare that I have Fatima grass, not a few pregnant women who struggle to find this nutritious plant. But this is wrong. The oxytocin contained in it cannot be measured. This plant is used by the way the roots are soaked. This marinade is drunk. The longer it is soaked, the dissolved oxytocin levels become more concentrated. The dosage can be many times over. In modern medicine, the problem of this variation does not occur. All active ingredients are clear and the dose is measured. So the effect can be very dangerous if we use it in the wrong dosage and the rules.

What are the Side Effects of Fatimah Grass?

Fatima grass does have several benefits and also widely used as an herbal treatment, especially in Malaysia, Arabia or the Middle East. Besides its benefits, it turns out this plant also has several side effects, which can even cause serious problems for mothers before labor.

  1. Making Forced Contractions

The content of phytochemical compounds in the Fatima grass can encourage contractions to run quickly. However, if the contractions are forcibly done it will endanger the fetus so that it can cause the fetus to die in the womb.

  1. Fetal distress

When a person consumes Fatima grass, oxytocin in his body will increase. Oxytocin itself helps the process of uterine or uterine contractions. Which if oxytocin increases, the uterine contractions will also increase. This can cause the fetus to become stressed.

  1. Uterine anemia

Fatima grass that can stimulate uterine contractions continuously can also trigger uterine atony. It is possible for the uterine muscle to fail to maintain contractions after childbirth. As a result, blood vessels in the placental area cannot be suppressed.

  1. Causes bleeding

If the Fatimah grass is soaked too long, the oxytocin level in the soaking water taken will increase. This will be very dangerous for the mother and fetus. Besides, it can threaten the safety of the fetus, it can also cause severe bleeding in pregnant women.

  1. Rupture the uterus

Uterine contractions will make the uterus work harder. If the Fatima grass continues to be drunk, the uterine condition can cause the uterus to fatigue until it ruptures or tears the uterine wall.

  1. Maternal and Fetal Death

Too often contractions will cause the baby to experience a lack of oxygen. If it continues, the baby will experience heart failure so that the baby can experience death. Likewise, with the mother, the rupture in the uterus makes the mother experience shock that leads to death.

This Fatima grass contains oxytocin which can increase uterine contractions, so it can help accelerate the labor process. But the problem is that the dosage of oxytocin cannot be measured. Likewise with how to soak and how long the immersion time is not clear. If it is soaked, the dissolved oxytocin level will become thicker and the dosage may increase more. Of course, this can be very dangerous if it is wrong to determine the dosage and the drinking rules.

It tends to be different, if we compare with modern drugs, the problem of this variation does not occur. All active ingredients are clear and the dosage is measured. Known for generations, Fatimah grass (Labisia pumila) is claimed to help deliver labor. But the obstetricians strictly forbade their patients to consume it for any reason.

The proven way to speed up labor is by medical induction. Labor induction can be done in various ways, such as the administration of drugs or other methods. With a more measurable dose of medicine and carried out under the close supervision of the medical team, the risk of side effects and complications can be calculated from the beginning and controlled to a minimum for the safety of the mother and baby.

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