The cause and effect of hemorrhoids

The cause and effect of hemorrhoids (1)

The cause and effect of hemorrhoids

Piles or hemorrhoids are swelling or enlargement of the blood vessels in the latter part of the large intestine (rectum), as well as the rectum or anus. Hemorrhoid is a disease that can affect all ages. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable and itchy even bleeding of the rectum.

The Cause And Effect Of Hemorrhoids  (1)

Hemorrhoids are divided into two types: internal and external hemorrhoids. Swollen blood vessels in the rectum and invisible from the outside is referred to the internal hemorrhoids. While swelling that occurs outside the rectum near the anal canal, feels more painful, and looks from the outside called external hemorrhoids.

Some factors that trigger hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are constipation or diarrhea that lasts longer, often carrying heavy loads, and the too long sitting habit.

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy

In pregnant women, hemorrhoids occur in the second trimester to the third trimester of pregnancy. In line with the progress of the pregnancy, the mother’s womb will grow with the number of blood increases. This leads the rectum having a lot of pressure so that the blood vessels become swollen and inflamed.

There are several factors that cause hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids in pregnancy:

  • Hormonal changes in the body. During pregnancy, progesterone levels increase to strengthen or hold the fetus in the womb. At the same time, these hormones inhibit digestive muscle peristalsis so that food travel from the digestive tract to the sewer runs smoothly.
  • The increasing size of the fetus. As a result, the fetus often urged a number of blood vessels in the abdomen and pelvis both in volume and flow, becomes obstructed.
  • This can occur because of the high iron intake during pregnancy. Of course, iron is important for expectant mothers to avoid the risk of anemia. But in some prospective mothers, this causes difficulty in defecating until hemorrhoids finally occurred.
  • The burden of pregnant women. Expenses fetus and the mother itself can potentially cause stomach and uterus coincide, by this way a few short motions on the part of the rectum will cause the blood vessels in the vicinity and then broke into hemorrhoids. Even the circulation of nutrients will be inhibited and finally can cause constipation.
  • Physical movement, especially the belly (abdominal) was limited during pregnancy. This is also one of the reasons why the work of the intestine becomes slower.
  • Frequent lifting heavy objects
  • Heredity
  • Frequent anal intercourse

The severity of piles or hemorrhoids

  • Stage I: Usually stage 1 hemorrhoid sufferers do not realize it because it does not interfere with the activity. Feature hemorrhoids stage I: itching in the anus and feels burning and followed hard defecation.
  • Stage II: Stage II hemorrhoids are already painful. Characteristics of stage II hemorrhoids: bleeding occurs during bowel movements, sometimes a lump in the anus comes out accompanied by bleeding, and hemorrhoids often come out in the form of small flesh but still can heal again without the help of hands.
  • Stage III: Stage III hemorrhoids will interfere with the activity. Characteristics of stage III hemorrhoids: hemorrhoids will protrude out of the anus when straining, and after defecation, the hemorrhoids must be pushed back into the anus and typically can be accompanied by bleeding and pain. Stage III hemorrhoids often appear although in small size of the little finger.
  • Stage IV: Hemorrhoids stage IV will very disrupt the activity. Characteristics of stage IV hemorrhoids: its location will be kept outside the rectum, it seems clear shape and the size is quite large.

Signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids)

Hemorrhoids are often characterized by lumps outside the anus. In addition, hemorrhoids are often characterized by a number of other symptoms, such as:

  • Itching or burning sensation
  • Bright red blood after bowel movements
  • Sharp, piercing pain near your anus
  • The bulge or an extra layer of skin around the anus
  • Pain during or after a bowel movement
  • Uncomfortable pressure

Hemorrhoids will gradually disappear by themselves after labor but at the time of straining, strong pressure can cause hemorrhoids. So, hemorrhoids during pregnancy can also continue into the postpartum period. Although hemorrhoids during pregnancy are a common and frequent problem, it does not mean that all pregnant women experience them.

However, if you experience severe bleeding, it is important to immediately visit the nearest doctor to get the proper treatment.

Tips to overcome hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids during pregnancy:

  1. Compress the lower back into a mixture of half a cup of apple cider vinegar and water.
  2. Apply coconut oil to the inflamed area. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties that can relieve itching, pain, and inflammation due to hemorrhoids.
  3. Reduce pressure on the mother’s abdomen by lying on her left side for a while
  4. Lift the foot for ± 20 minutes
  5. Avoid soaps, perfumed talcum powder or wet wipes
  6. Do not hold back if you want to waste water and rinse with running water then dry with non-perfume tissue
  7. Use loose cotton clothes to keep the body more comfortable
  8. Drink water as much as possible so that the stool softer and easier to pass
  9. Consume nutritious food such as vegetables and fruits

After doing some tips above, hopefully, your hemorrhoids during pregnancy will soon be gone. If you have tried everything but no more progress you got, consult a doctor.  Make sure to always eat healthy food, high-fiber foods. This is good to avoid any health problems such as hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Complications of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids

  1. Occurs due to continuously bleeding so that the body lacks red blood, as a result, it will cause weakness and fatigue.
  2. Hemorrhoidal Strangulation. If the blood supply to internal hemorrhoids is cut off due to a pinch, it will cause severe pain and cause tissue death (gangrene)

Before taking treatment, there are several important things to do for an examination on:

  • The historical record of the diseases
  • Physical examination, namely inspection, and retouch or rectal examination.
  • Examination using binoculars, namely anoscopy or proctoscopy and rectoscopy.
  • X-rays or colon in the loop or commonly called as colonoscopy.
  • Examination of blood, urine, and stool to support the examination.

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The Cause And Effect Of Hemorrhoids  (1)

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