The benefits of baby spa

The benefits of baby spa (1)

The benefits of baby spa

Spa is a traditional health effort with a holistic approach, in the form of comprehensive care using a combination of hydrotherapy skills, massage, aromatherapy, and added food services, healthy drinks, and physical activity. So, the meaning of baby spa is treatment or treatment using water as a medium. The stages of the baby spa also use water as a medium.

The Benefits Of Baby Spa (1)

Generally, baby spas are divided into two sessions. In the first session, your child will soak in a pool using a float. This session usually lasts 10-15 minutes, depending on the baby’s reaction when first entering the water. If you are used to it, the duration can be 30 minutes. Nowadays there has been a lot of mushrooming of baby spa places. Because the benefits of a baby spa are very much felt by the parents.

There are some of the benefits of baby spa:

  • Reducing stress

Babies are tiny creatures that are easily stressed. His intense cries will make the baby stressed and tired. Baby spas can help in this case because the benefits of a baby spa can relieve stress in babies. All fatigue will also disappear after getting a baby spa. The baby spa treatment will stimulate the hormone cortisol and oxytocin. The hormone cortisol which is a stress-causing hormone will decrease and the baby will become more cheerful.

The baby spa will also increase the hormone oxytocin so that the baby will feel more calm and comfortable. That way, the stress of a lost and cheerful baby comes. Surely you are happy if you see your baby happy.

  • Increases appetite

Babies who get baby spa treatments tend to have a higher appetite. After baby spa, the production of the hormone gastrin and insulin increases. The increase in these two hormones influences the baby’s appetite.

  • Improve sleep patterns

A calmer body will make the baby feel more relaxed after doing the baby spa. Also, baby’s energy-draining movements will make the baby tired and eventually fall asleep fast. This can help improve the baby’s sleep patterns regularly.

  • Boost the baby’s immune system

Baby spa regularly can boost the baby’s immune system becoming stronger when the germs or viruses attack.

  • Helps baby’s weight gain

The benefits of the baby spa can also help increase a baby’s weight. In addition to increasing the baby’s appetite, the baby spa also contributes to stimulating enzymes in the stomach.

These digestive enzymes will be stimulated so that they can absorb nutrients more optimally from baby food. This makes the baby’s body get more nutrients and gain more weight.

  • Blood circulation

A baby spa that involving baby massage as one of the stages will help blood circulation to the baby. Smooth blood circulation is very important for the growth and health of the baby.

  • Improve the five sensory abilities

During the baby spa, the five senses of the baby will be aroused and make their functions more optimal. The four senses are the sense of touch, smell, sight, and

hearing will be well trained.

  • Supports motor development

The benefits of the baby spa can also support motor development both gross motor and fine motor. Baby’s muscles will become stronger and can coordinate better. Also, the coordination of small muscles in the eyes and hands will also be aroused. This is important for the baby’s fine motor development. Baby motor development will be even faster if supported by regular playing activities.

  • Increased intelligence

Every mother certainly wants to have a smart child. How to improve a baby’s intelligence can also be done through a baby spa. The benefits of the baby spa can make brain function work more optimally. The positive effects that can be obtained, the baby will be more intelligent and increase IQ. The baby spa stage that plays the most role is the stage of massage in the baby. Massage baby’s nerves and muscles so that the synapses are aroused.

  • Improve language skills

No one thinks if the baby spa has benefits for verbal or language abilities in infants. The benefits of this one baby spa are also greatly influenced by the stage of baby massage at the baby spa treatment.

However, if you want to introduce your baby to the baby spa experience, it never hurts to try. Furthermore, pediatricians who are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics remind parents to pay attention to the following things before taking the baby to the spa.

  1. Before joining the baby spa, the baby should be full and not sleepy. When hungry and sleepy, babies will not be able to enjoy a spa session.
  2. Find out and ask for pool water filtration methods, any chemicals in the pool, massage oils used, and other things about spa hygiene and safety. Because the baby’s immune system is not complete, so it is still very vulnerable to germs, bacteria, and chemicals.
  3. Try to join the baby spa with another baby who knows his parents. This is to avoid the risk of babies bathing in the same pool as other babies with certain health problems that can be contagious.
  4. Every baby has a different development process. We recommend that you judge yourself wisely whether your baby is physically and mentally prepared to join the baby spa. You can prepare your baby to join the spa by asking him to play water or take a bath while the baby is bathing.

Many mothers are still hesitant to invite their babies for a baby spa treatment. This is because information about the age allowed the baby to join the baby spa. Babies begin to be allowed to join the baby spa since the age of 3 months (the period of the neck can be erect).

Some opinions say that one-month baby can join the baby spa. However, this can be risky to the baby if you do not control it closely. Preferably, before your baby turns 3 months, just do the baby spa at home.

The stages of  baby spa

Baby spa stages can be different from one place to another. However, generally, the stages of a baby spa start from the stage of massaging the baby. This is done for the muscles and nerves arousing

After the massage stage is complete, then continue to the baby gymnastics stage. A professional therapist will make your body feel as if you are in gymnastics. The next stage is the stage of bathing or baby swim.

Sometimes, there is a baby spa center that places more than one baby in the baby pool. If so, then there is one baby spa benefit that will be obtained. That is the benefits of socializing.

This baby spa series can start from one month old. The series includes baby swim for 15 minutes and continued with baby massage for 20 minutes, ending with controlling of infra red light for 10 minutes. This whole series can be carried out under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

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