Normal Vaginal Delivery

Normal Vaginal Delivery (1)

Normal Vaginal Delivery

Talking about normal labor, maybe for those who have not experienced it, they will think “horrified, sick, and hurt. Naturally, these such assumptions may exist. Either birth normally or cesarean section is the natural things done by the women. Maybe cesarean delivery is not as painful as normal labor, but it has long-term effects. If asked to choose between normal maternity or cesarean section, it is strongly recommended to deliver normally. Some women are not likely or not recommended to give birth normally. Since, if someone forced to give birth normally, it will be fatal for both the mother and fetus.

Normal Vaginal Delivery (1)

So, what are the advantages of giving birth normally? Why should we be able to give birth as normal as possible? Below is the discussion.

Some prospective mothers may feel scared when facing labor. The pain that the mother feels in the normal labor process can help to find ways to deliver your baby to the world. Naturally, this pain tells when the mother must change position so the baby can go down the birth canal. Besides, pain can also help find out when you have to push, how to push, and when to stop pushing to avoid tears. Passing the birth canal at normal labor can also help form the head and remove amniotic fluid from the lungs. Later, it will reduce the risk of babies experiencing respiratory problems such as asthma. Babies receive good bacteria through the birth canal that helps build their immune system. Therefore, babies born by cesarean are usually more often attacked by bacteria such as staphylococcus.

The advantages of normal labor

  1. Recover faster

The recovery process for mothers who give birth normally is much faster compared to giving birth by cesarean section. Although it depends on the condition of the mother and child, in general, if the mother is considered healthy enough within 24-48 hours, they can leave the hospital.

  1. Mothers can directly interact with babies

Mothers who give birth normally can directly interact with the baby. Mothers can also give exclusive breastfeeding as soon as possible after giving birth to the initiation of early breastfeeding.

  1. Avoid risks due to surgery

Women who give birth normally avoid various risks and complications due to surgery, including bleeding, infection, reaction to anesthesia, and the effects of prolonged pain.

  1. Babies tend to be healthier

They will have a stronger respiratory organ because at birth passes through the vagina, there is a process of transporting oxygen to some baby’s body tissues.

  1. Colostrum and ASI production is good

In mothers who give birth normally, the production of colostrum is a substance released by the breastmilk gland in the late stages of pregnancy and encourages faster, more, and better.

  1. The risk of bleeding during normal delivery is lower.

When giving birth by cesarean, it is common for the mother to experience bleeding and suture infection. Well, in a  normal labor process, the chances of bleeding and infection tend to be less.

  1. Save costs

Without having a cesarean section, it will save on expenses during the delivery process. Normal labor costs can be one third or one-quarter of the cost of cesarean delivery.

Besides having some advantages, normal labor also has disadvantages, they are:

  1. The risk of damage skin and tissue around the vagina

Normal childbirth certainly passes through the vagina, so there is a high risk that the skin and tissue around the vagina will experience stretching and tearing. This will make the hip muscles that function as urine control and the burden of the mother’s stomach weaken or even get injured.

  1. Having pain in the perineum

Not only experiencing pain in the vagina, but the mother can also feel pain in the area between the vagina and anus or commonly called the perineum.

  1. Getting the risk of injury during childbirth

This indeed seems scary but it is a fact. When the baby’s size is bigger than normal, it is possible for the mother to experience injuries such as bruising on the skin or even fractures.

Here are some lists of preparation for delivery:

  1. To suggest the mother that the birthing process will run smoothly. This is needed so that the mother’s mental condition stable. Don’t push on feeling afraid and anxious when facing the birth process. This will make the mother not optimal when giving birth.
  2. Do massage specifically for pregnant women during the process of pregnancy or in the last trimester to increase the likelihood of normal delivery and facilitate labor.
  3. Do exercises in the muscles especially in the vaginal area before giving birth. This exercise is useful to help train the muscles to be ready to undergo the birth process while preventing hemorrhoids and blood clots and the occurrence of tears.
  4. Join the labor preparation class to be more prepared and stable to face the birthing process later. You need not be ashamed to take part in the birthing preparation class so that you understand more about what needs to be prepared before the birth process. Take part in the labor preparation class with an expert if needed. Don’t be shy to ask or ask questions.
  5. Do breathing exercises so as not to run out of breath during the birthing process. You can practice breathing properly and correctly for the birth process by consulting experts.
  6. Having enough sleep needs before labor. You will never know how long the contraction process lasts. So, make sure you have enough rest before the labor process to collect stamina and power and avoid fatigue during the process of childbirth. Also, do not move too much. If the mother works, it is better to take time off before the birth process.
  7. Eat nutritious food and sufficient nutritional needs to increase stamina. Besides having enough rest, the mother also needs to eat nutritious food and enough fluids to have full of stamina and ready to pass the process of childbirth.

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