Gentle Birth Meditation

Gentle Birth Meditation (1)

Gentle birth is a normal and calm childbirth process so that the mother will give birth with minimal pain. Helper and companion must help calmly and soft voice, so that when the baby is born, the atmosphere around calm, quiet, and full of peace. It is an approach in the natural birth process that combines the values and beliefs held by the woman herself.

Gentle Birth Meditation (1)

Every baby’s birth is a strong and always transformational experience. Also, every birth is a unique experience for both the mother and the babies. For some women, early social conditioning will create the belief that they cannot give birth normally. This misunderstanding must be replaced with an understanding of gentle birth philosophy. When a woman realizes that their body knows how to give birth and their baby knows how to be born, they will get more confidence to do so.

Gentle birth requires preparation during the pregnancy. Both physical and mental preparation for prospective mothers. Physical preparation includes breathing exercises, light exercise, massage, and dietary habit of healthy foods. Mother’s mental also needs to be prepared by routinely doing hypnobirthing relaxation, meditation, positive affirmations, even maintaining the mood and the soul. Mentally preparation is an important thing that will influence the gentle birth’s success. The gentle birth process itself should also be prepared well. You need to do some preparations before giving birth, such as breathing exercises, massage , learn what will happen during the delivery process, exercise regularly, and maintain your food consumption.

Why choose gentle birth?

The following are the advantages of gentle birth

  • For mother
  1. Mothers feel more satisfied and empowered.
  2. Mothers do not feel trauma both in the process of pregnancy and childbirth.
  3. Mothers can give birth calmly free from fear and anxiety.
  4. Mother can be “in power” and hold full control of herself and her own body
  5. Mothers can manage and control pain when contracting.
  6. Lack or even no medical intervention in labor.
  7. Mothers are more prepared mentally and spiritually so that the risk of postpartum blues is very minimal, even nonexistent.
  8. Mother’s production breastmilk is smooth.
  9. Mother can go through labor comfortably, calmly, even without pain.
  10. Mothers are protected from unnecessary medical intervention.
  11. With gentle birth, the labor process is smoother because the mother is very relaxed and calm
  • For babies
  1. Being born into the world can be a hard experience for babies. With gentle birth labor using the waterbirth method, the warmth of the water helps it to facilitate the transition from the birth canal.
  2. The warm water resembles amniotic water which is very familiar to him, soft and calm (if labor is carried out with the Waterbirth method)
  3. Babies get very little trauma, and this is very good for later psychological development.
  4. Babies are smarter, more calm, and can work with their mothers.
  • For Father & Family
  1. Feel more satisfied.
  2. They feel empowered and bonded between father, mother and child have been closely intertwined since the womb and this has a very positive impact on the pattern of parenting later.

Various tips for gentle birth

Here are some tips that you can do to be able to experience gentle birth:

  • Eliminate any myths, ideas, beliefs or attitudes that you have about negative births. Because myths, beliefs and negative attitudes can be “enemies” for gentle birth.
  • Create a positive, calming and supportive environment. This includes where you give birth, who will help and assist you, and how you give birth.
  • Avoid yourself from time constraints, movement restrictions and noise.
  • Create a relaxed birth environment. This can be a quiet environment, low light, giving essential oils, or other supporting things that help you relax.
  • Communicate the importance of your birth experience to a midwife or doctor, spouse and even your family.
  • Feel confident in your birth, be honest in your birth, with yourself and others and don’t be afraid to advocate and empower yourself in welcoming the birth process of your child.

Not all pregnant women can do gentle birth. For those of you who have a healthy and unproblematic pregnancy, maybe you can give birth with this gentle birth method. Gentle birth is a safe, comfortable and pleasant birth choice if the pregnancy is normal and there are no complications. However, it might be different if you have a high-risk pregnancy. If  you have complications of pregnancy, you should follow your doctor’s advice to determine what proper birth method you are going to take.

The pain in the labor process turns out. In addition to affecting the birth process itself, it also creates several effects on the mother, including causing anxiety, fear and suffering that are traumatic. From that paradigm then the method of delivery is calm and peaceful, and utilizes all natural elements, called gentle birth.

There are several ways you can choose those who want gentle birth methods, including:

  1. Home birth. Mothers will be accompanied by medical and non-medical personnel at home and family members who will provide moral support to create a sense of comfort and happiness.
  2. Hypnobirthing. During pregnancy and childbirth, the mother carries out self-hypnosis (meditation) to achieve a state of relaxation and free herself from fear through breathing exercises. In the process the mother will also be given positive affirmations about labor that is gentle, easy, free from fear.
  3. Water birth. The mother enters warm water when opening the active phase of labor (5 cm up) with the most comfortable position.

This is done for reducing the pain during labor due to the relaxing effect of warm water.

  1. Silence birth. During labor the mother is as relaxed as possible, does not panic or cry and there is no command or instructions from the birth attendant so that an atmosphere of calm, quiet.

5.    Lotus birth. Childbirth that allows the umbilical cord to connect with the placenta for several days until the umbilical cord dries. Then, it breaks itself from the baby’s navel, usually around 3-5 days.

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Gentle Birth Meditation (1)

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