Cesarean Delivery

Cesarean Delivery

For pregnant mothers, one problem that must be faced is to choose between normal labor or cesarean section. However,  no need to be confused to make choices. You can determine which is the right way to give birth to the baby according to the conditions experienced and the direction of the obstetrician.

Pros & Cons Cesarean Section Or Normal Delivery What Difference

Below are the conditions for requiring the mother to have a cesarean section:

  • The size of a large baby does not match the size of the mother’s pelvis.
  • The baby is in an abnormal position such as breech.
  • Twin pregnancy
  • The opening process is too slow so the baby does not get enough oxygen
  • Traumatic experience of mothers who have previously given birth normally.
  • The mother has a medical history that does not support normal delivery (diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV, herpes, or placental problems).

About cesarean delivery

Labor through cesarean section is the process of removing the baby through an incision from the mother’s abdomen, rather than through the vagina. Procedurally, before surgery, the doctor will do epidural anesthesia, making the abdominal area numb during the incision in the lower abdomen.

In other words, you will be aware during the cesarean section but will experience numbness starting from the abdomen area downward. However, under certain conditions, there is a need for general anesthesia.

The process of giving birth by cesarean section will be faster and painless than in the normal delivery process. Some pregnant women choose a cesarean section for fear of feeling pain when giving birth normally. A time that is quite flexible and can be planned is also one reason.

If you have a Caesarean birth, whether planned or not, there is something that cannot be avoided. You not only have to take care of your newborn baby but also surgery marks on your stomach. Recovery of cesarean section is different for each mother.

Some tips for accelerating cesarean section recovery

  • Preparing before surgery. If you plan to have a cesarean section, prepare the house and its setting beforehand. Determine where you will sleep and save your needs in an easily accessible place so that this will make it easier for your recovery period.
  • Keep your body and mind relax and enjoy. Adequate rest and relaxed walking can help the recovery process
  • Consider curvature or stagen. Curvature or stagen serves to help support the abdominal muscles. Some mothers feel more comfortable when wearing it, but some other mothers may feel itchy or uncomfortable, limit their movements, or be ineffective. The hospital may offer this option.
  • Having enough rest. You have to take care of yourself, maintain to get enough rest.
  • Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it during the recovery process.
  • Maintain enough fluid intake. Enough fluid can help minimize constipation so it can be very helpful.
  • Tell about feelings. You will experience extraordinary hormonal changes and even the mood. If you feel sad, hopeless, guilty, or angry, you can try to talk to your spouse or person who can help to overcome them.

Facts About Caesarean Births You Must Know

1)    Advantages of Caesarean Delivery

  • The minimal risk of transmitting the disease

If normal labor is too high of getting risk, so a cesarean section must be taken because it becomes the safest way to deliver. The reason is, if the mother has a history of certain diseases, a cesarean section can minimize the risk of pregnancy complications. The cesarean section will minimize the possibility of transmission of certain infections from mother to baby.

  • Tend not to get sick during the delivery process

Cesarean section tends not to hurt because it doesn’t have to feel the contractions for a long period. Besides, the operation process uses epidural anesthesia so it will numb the mother when the surgery is done.

  • Not susceptible to hemorrhoids

At normal labor, the risk of pleasing hemorrhoid to the mother is greater than the cesarean delivery due to vaginal delivery.

  • Flexible time

Cesarean section tends to be more flexible on time because the mother can plan the time of delivery. This trend is growing because it allows families to choose birth dates with certain meanings.

Lack of Caesar Labor

1)    Period of recovering longer

In contrast to normal childbirth, mothers who give birth cesarean are likely to stay longer in the hospital because they have to undergo postoperative recovery. Recovery after surgery can take up to 2 – 3 months. This is because the mother may experience greater pain in the abdomen in the area around the surgical wound.

2)    Risk of physical problems after surgery

Cesarean section can increase the physical risk for Moms. Among other things, prolonged pain in the dissected part.

3)    Risk of miscarriage

The risk of miscarriage when the process of birth by cesarean section is also greater than a normal birth.

4)    Possible bleeding and infection

The cesarean section increases the risk of losing a lot of blood. Besides, there is also the possibility of blood clots. Cesarean section can also increase the risk of infection due to injury to the large intestine or bladder

5)    Possibility of death

Some studies say that women who give birth by cesarean are more than three times likely to die than women who give birth normally. This is due to the possibility of bleeding, infection, and complications due to anesthesia.

6)    Risk of damage to the uterus and placenta during the next birth process

Mothers who have had a cesarean section also have a risk of complications in subsequent pregnancies. Complications such as tearing of the uterus caused by injuries due to surgery in the uterus and abnormal placenta. The risk of placental problems will continue to increase in every undertaken cesarean section.

In the end, both normal and cesarean births, both have advantages and disadvantages and need extra hard struggle from the mother to be able to give birth to her baby into the world with health and safety.

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Pros & Cons Cesarean Section Or Normal Delivery What Difference

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